Victorinox Cheese Knife for Soft Cheese


Perfect for on a regular basis appetizers or elegant entertaining, the Victorinox Soft Cheese Knife with a bit of luck scores the rinds on soft and semi-soft cheeses, without crushing cheese interiors. Ideal for serving Brie, Camenbert and goat cheeses, the cheese knife with holes is specifically designed with perforations to prevent cheeses from sticking. The raised deal with design permits you to cut right away on a board, without your hand hitting the surface. The cheese knife with holes within the blade is stamped from high carbon stainless steel for a razor-edge sharpness. The blade undergoes a special tempering process to create an edge that may be resharpened over the lifetime. Beautifully balanced and perfectly weighted for ease in handling, the bolster-less design reduces hand fatigue. Ergonomic-grip is comfortable in either hand for extended use. The premium cheese knife for soft cheese is dishwasher protected, but hand washing is beneficial. Victorinox has expertly crafted knives in Switzerland since 1884. Praised by professional chefs for their precise design, durability and hand finished craftsmanship, Victorinox knives are the leading brand of commercial use cutlery on the earth.


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