Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool 2


Razor-sharp etched blade at the Microplane ultimate citrus tool excels in zesting the flavorful peel of citrus, leaving the bitter pith in the back of. Two channel blades, 3/16 diameter and 5/8 diameter at the end of this multi-use tool quickly create restaurant-style garnishes. Scores fruit to start zesting or get started the peel of orange, grapefruit or kumquat. This hand held zester with wide grating blade could also be ideal so as to add fresh cinnamon, nutmeg or chocolate to beverages or desserts. Grate hard cheese into an extra-fine texture for salads, soups or pasta dishes. Santoprene cushioned take care of ensures comfortable grip. Blade safety covers for in-drawer storage. Dishwasher protected. Etched blade is made in the us.


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