Mcusta ZANMAI Ultimate Aranami 270mm Sujihiki

Coreless VG10 and VG2 Steel
Red Wood handle with Mosiac Pin
Premium Paulownia wood Gift Box


Features of the blade Blade material: coreless steel deal with material: red plywood material coreless steel of the blade is a new development of materials that VG-10 and VG-2 overlap every other alternately. You very quenching to the entire layers there is not any as the metal core of there’s a toughness that name is entered. Additionally it is characterized by leaving the standard Damascus material than clearly pattern. We expressed a wave of traditional Japanese motifs in our own forging technology Easily bite into the food, and tough clam blade Clam blade which has been ground by skilled craftsmen is easy to bite into the food, and the ideal structure with the strength. Features of the deal with We are the use of the deal with of our highest grade. Octagonal deal with and the base and the combination of Shirikin for use in the exclusive kitchen knife. The deal with and Shirikin we have now attention to detail has been decorated with mosaic pin. Balance and weight we finished a very nice our typical products. Optimal with premium box of paulownia wood gift Kitchen knife is with a high salary Kiri box neatly fit. Delivered into the dedicated carton case.
Coreless VG10 and VG2 Steel
Red Wood deal with with Mosiac Pin
Premium Paulownia wood Gift Box
Part No. ZUA-1011C full length 410mm Blade length 270mm weight 190g


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