Kyocera Ceramic Knife (Santoku Large) Pink FKR-160PK

Size: W29 x D4.8 x H0.2 cm
Weight: 0.098kg
Material: Blade-Fine Ceramic; Handle-Polypropylene


A ceramic Santoku knife that doesn’t rust and stays sharp. [Features] Fine ceramic isn’t easily worn down, and can be utilized as though a sharpener is used. Fine ceramic blades don’t let off metallic taste (metal ion), keeping food unaffected by that iron taste. Fine ceramic blades don’t rust, making them very sanitary. Maintenance is simple. Use kitchen bleach or soak in antibacterial bleach. Dishwasher and dish dryer secure. Includes complimentary sharpening voucher (one time).?
Size: W29 x D4.8 x H0.2 cm
Weight: 0.098kg
Subject matter: Blade-Fine Ceramic; Take care of-Polypropylene
Country of Origin: China
Warmth Resistance: 110‹C (Take care of)


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