Cold Steel Steak Knife (Kitchen Classics)

Blade Thickness: 1.5 mm
Handle: 4″ Long Kray-Ex
Overall Length: 8 5/8″


Our new series of kitchen knives, the Kitchen Classics, will race through just about any task you’ll believe. These blades are ice tempered and then precision flat ground for maximum cutting power. All models in the series come with a razor sharp edge that lasts and lasts, and a few have serrated edges uniquely appropriate to the tasks they were designed to do. The handles are, in a word, terrific! Carefully designed to make sure a strong, protected, yet comfortable grip, they feature a stiff Zy-Ex core on the inside, with a softer, deeply checkered Kray-Ex exterior for a the type of non-slip grip that will have to be felt to be appreciated! The Kitchen Classics are that can be purchased as single items or as a complete set. The set includes an attractive counter-top oak stand, and one of each and every [except for the Steak Knife, which comes in a group of 6] of the knives in the series.
Blade Thickness: 1.5 mm
Deal with: 4″ Long Kray-Ex
Overall Length: 8 5/8″
Steel: German 4116 Stainless
Stiff Zy-Ex core on the inside
Zytel core


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